Product Questions

What ingredients are in NotMilk?

NotMilk is made from all-natural ingredients that you can pronounce. It is made from just 5 ingredients (almonds, cashews, macadamias, walnuts, and dates) and does not contain any additives or emulsifiers.

Why use NotMilk?

NotMilk was created by two former milk lovers. It mimics that taste and texture of the dairy milk we used to love without the lactose and without the use of additives and stabilizers.

Do you use sweetener or sugar in your milk?

We never use any artificial sweeteners or refined sugars in our products. We do lightly sweeten our product with fresh dates to mimic the light sweetness of dairy milk.

Is NotMilk vegan?

You bet! NotMilk is made from nuts, dates, and water and is 100% vegan.

Is NotMilk soy and gluten-free?

Yes. We do not use soy or gluten in our product.

Where do your nuts come from?

We buy our nuts from Superior Nut Company, an environmentally conscious,  HACCP-certified nut supplier based in the United States.

What are the brown specks I see at the bottom of the jar?

The brown specks are date sugar. When the product has been sitting, the date sugar sinks to the bottom of the bottle creating the red-brown specks you see. Give the bottle a quick shake before you consume NotMilk to reincorporate it.

Does NotMilk need to be refrigerated?

Yes, it is a raw product with no preservatives or additives. It should be stored between 33 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal shelf life.

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Can I freeze NotMilk?
You can (we’ve tried it at home) but we cannot guarantee the shelf life if you do this. Make sure to leave some room in the bottle since NotMilk expands when frozen.

Getting NotMilk: Orders, Delivery, Subscriptions

Can I order NotMilk online?

Yep. Check out our online store.

Where else I can buy NotMilk?

Currently you can find us in the refrigerated sections of these fine retailers. Stay tuned for more vendors in the coming months!

We also offer NotMilk for pick-up in Brooklyn out of our kitchen in Bushwick on Tuesdays and through the Greene Harvest CSA in Fort Greene on Saturdays. 

I want my local grocer to carry NotMilk. What should I do?

Request NotMilk at your local grocer. Stores are much more likely to carry our products when they know that there is already customer demand for them. 

Where do you deliver?

Currently, we deliver NotMilk in Manhattan (South of 125th Street) and select areas of Brooklyn. If you want NotMilk and do not live or work in either of these boroughs, email us. We’d love to hear where we should deliver NotMilk to next!

When do you deliver?

We deliver on Tuesdays. Our deliveries are scheduled based on neighborhood. Orders must be placed at least 48 hours in advance of delivery. Shortly after you place an order you will receive an email from us to schedule your delivery. NotMilk is always delivered fresh to your door within 24 hours of being made. We can make accommodations to our delivery schedule with advanced notice.

How does home delivery work?

When you subscribe online, you will receive an email from us confirming your delivery date and time. We provide morning and evening time slots and can provide 2 hour time windows for people who will be at home to receive their order.  

Please note: You must be present to receive your order, or live in a building with a doorman and refrigerator where your milk can be stored until you return home. 

Now Offering $5 delivery for Subscribers!

Subscribers must commit to a minimum of six deliveries before April 30, 2017 to be eligible for the subscriber delivery discount. There are no sign-up or cancellation fees and subscriptions can be paused at anytime for up to two months. Discount applies to one address per subscription.

What if I am away and not able to accept a delivery one week?

We allow you to extend your subscription for up to 2 weeks to account for any travel plans or holidays that may arise. We do confirm your delivery dates in advance but should your travel plans change, as long as you contact us 48 hours before your delivery is scheduled, we can accommodate you!

How can I cancel, skip a week, or place my subscription on hold?

If you'd like to skip a week, cancel, or place your subscription on hold, you can email us. Please keep in mind that requests to cancel or skip a week, or change your order must be received 48 hours before delivery, otherwise your request will go into effect the following week. 

Is the NotMilk subscription a recurring charge on my credit card?

Yes. NotMilk is not a recurring subscription. We will only charge your credit card once. If you would like to continue to receive NotMilk after your subscription is up, you can reorder online.

What should I do with my empty bottles?

Give us your empty bottles (or leave them with your doorman for us) and you’ll get $2 credit towards you next order for each bottle you return.

What’s this we hear about a treat?!

Our guilty secret is we love sweets almost as much as we love NotMilk, and they go so well together!  So to spread the love (and the guilt), we occasionally bake a complimentary delicious treat made from NotMilk nut meal and include it with our home delivery orders. You'll never know when these goodies might arrive, but they are always dairy and gluten-free, and made with plenty of TLC. It’s always made from the NotMilk meal (what’s left from making NotMilk). 

I want to try your product - where can I get a sample?

We are out and about sampling NotMilk in NYC all the time. Check out our Twitter feed and Facebook page to see our upcoming events and tastings. Don’t see one coming near you soon? Email us and request to set up a tasting!

Still need your question answered?

We are happy to help. Just email us we will get back to you!